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IPMMA has completed its 10 successful years and we believe in growing more by reaching out to more people both National and International. We are happy to learn that our site (www.ipmma.org) is visited regularly by good number of National and International visitors. These visitors are keen to know more about our member companies and have requested variously for more information. We thereby have created provision for our members to give online advertisement in IPMMA web site to promote their products and get a good mileage.
Website Advertisement Rate - Ad size 10.5cm X 4.40cm
Sr.No Particular Member Non Member
1 Quarterly Advertisement INR 6000/- + 18% GST INR 9000/- + 18% GST
2 Half Yearly Advertisement INR 10000/- + 18% GST INR 15000/- + 18% GST
3 Yearly Advertisement INR 18000/- + 18% GST INR 27000/- + 18% GST
Hyper-link on Members Directory - Yearly Charges
Sr.No Particular Member  
1 Hyper Link Member Website INR 1000/- + 18% GST  
Note : - Year to be calculated from April to March.
For further details, please contact us at: info@ipmma.org | mail@ipmma.org


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